About VLPI

About VLPI

  • General Information
    compiles information on the benefits that the Virtual Library of Indigenous Peoples, Inter-culturality, and Traditional Medicine – Virtual Library of Indigenous Peoples (VLIP) provides. It unites technically-compiled information on indigenous peoples which interested parties can access.
  • Legal Framework
    Compiles Convention 169 of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations’ Declaration of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, the Political Constitution of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. These documents are the legal foundation for VLIP of Bolivia.
  • Chronology of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights
    Contains information on the timeline of indigenous peoples’ rights including enacted laws, the creation of the Indigenous Fund by the second summit of Ibero-American heads of state, declarations, and other important milestones.
  • About the Portal

    Inter-culturality. This contains information related to the topic of inter-culturality, its conceptualization and pluri-versatility. This document is properly referenced and provides links to complete texts.

    Indigenous Peoples. This section provides information and statistics on the various indigenous groups.

    Traditional Medicine. This section provides users information on Traditional Medicine, its definitions, basic concepts, and use, and modern medicine. This document is also accompanied by beautiful illustrative photos and links to complete text.

  • Driving Institutions
    The Coordinator of Rural Indigenous Organizations and the Intercultural Communities of Bolivia (COINCABOL), Fund for the Development of Latin America and the Caribbean’s Indigenous Peoples of Development, the United National Populations Fund (UNFPA), the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), the Vice Ministry of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education, the Vice Ministry of Traditional Medicine and Inter-culturality of the Ministry of Health and Sports, and the Main University of San Andres (UMSA).
  • Organizational Structure
    Contains information on the organization structure of the project, namely the establishment of committees (Advisory, Technical) and those of commission (Technical and Communications and Marketing).
  • Governing Documents
    contains the “Articles of Incorporation of the Members of the VLIP-Bolivia” and their ‘Regulation’.
  • Bolivian Network of Libraries on Indigenous Peoples
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