• Photo Gallery

    This section contains important photos related to the pre-established subjects of indigenous peoples, inter-culturality, and traditional medicine. They are in organized archives and include several photo files of cooperating institutions.

  • Multimedia Resources

    compiles multimedia resources such as: posters, booklets, flip charts, videos, slides, and more.

  • News Center

    records news: notes in participating institutions´ communication spaces and selected news articles, produced by national and international media, on the topics of indigenous peoples, inter-culturality, and traditional medicine. This creates an constantly updated digital newspaper archive.

  • Points of interest

    The purpose of this section is to provide a space in which indigenous organizations can disseminate discussions on their struggles, events, cultural expressions, and generally, all information they generate and wish to publicize on the internet. Likewise, it will serve as a space where organizations can find information on similar organization in different regions and countries and establish contact with them. It will serve as a networking website in which all interested in the indigenous struggle of Bolivia can access pertinent information directly from organizations and indigenous peoples. Participation in this network is open to all indigenous organizations of Latin America, regardless of political and religious positions, provided that they truly represent indigenous peoples’ interests.

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